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Stay informed about your child’s adventures at Southover Nursery with our ‘What’s On’ page, offering a glimpse into the engaging experiences they’re enjoying this term!

From celebrating special occasions like World Book Day to engaging in weekly staples like gardening, baking, and winter crafts, we take pride in keeping our little ones engaged and inspired throughout every term.

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Term 5

As we continue to discover all the joys of spring, observing new life and colour everywhere, we look forward to the warmth the summer will bring!

This term’s activities include:

Umbrella’s – we turn paper plates into umbrellas as we listen to the pitter patter of raindrops outside

Junk Modelling – time to get creative and let imaginations loose with all our junk, making it sparkle with cellophane, glitter, tissue paper and paint

Flowers – experimenting with different materials and painting tools, we try yoghurt pots, upside down glue pots, cardboard tubes and more

Caterpillars – we eagerly await butterflies by watching caterpillars eat and grow before forming a chrysalis and have more caterpillar craft fun as we practise our scissor skills cutting out caterpillar shapes

Planting and growing – we learn about plant life cycles, plant our own flower and vegetable seeds and explore the wonderful nursery garden.

Term 6

Get ready for a season of sunshine and adventure as we dive into the exciting summer term at Southover Nursery, brimming with outdoor exploration and new experiences for all to enjoy.

This term’s activities include:

Growing up – talking about growing up and thinking about what we might want to be.

School readiness – we start talking about school with our preschoolers, they meet their new teachers and practice all things ‘school’ at group time

Holiday time – we create ice cream cones with cotton wool and card, explore shells and sea creatures in our sensory trays

Baking & making – We read ‘The Giant Jam Sandwich’ and make our very own jam sandwiches  & fruit sticks

Healthy eating – trying different fruits and vegetables and talking about healthy eating.

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