A safe and joyful nursery in the heart of Lewes

Southover Nursery School is an Ofsted approved registered provider on the Early Years Register, renowned for its warmth, care and expertise.

About us

A happy and engaging space where children play, learn and grow

We believe all children should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and strive to enable every child to achieve their best possible outcome. We recognise the great importance of the quality of children’s experiences in the early years and the impact this has on their learning and development.

We provide a safe, secure, healthy and happy environment, in which children can play and explore, a place in which they are settled, engaged, stimulated and challenged so that they become capable, confident, resilient, strong, curious and independent young learners.

Why choose Southover?

Calm, welcoming and child-centered

Children feel safe and happy in our open-plan main classroom which lends itself to free-flow play. Children are able to choose their own activities, follow their own interests and explore freely at their own pace. We hear laughter and chatter as the children interact, use their imaginations, make connections and explore.

Our smaller room is a quieter space in which the children can find their items from home, they can keep their treasures safe in their own drawer ready for home time, they can admire their artwork on our colourful wall displays and play games with their teachers and friends in small groups.

Our large garden allows children to discover nature, explore the outdoors, be challenged, be healthy and experiment with moving their bodies in different ways.

Passionate staff

Our staff are dedicated and care deeply about the work that they do.

Holistic approach

We know that every child is unique and develops at their own pace. We build strong relationships with the children and pride ourselves on really knowing and understanding each and every child.

Fully qualified

All of our staff are experienced and hold at least a level 3 early years qualification (unless studying towards). In addition, we ensure all of our staff are paediatric first aid trained.

Southover Nursery School provided my own children with the happiest of times, a place in which they flourished surrounded by teachers who cared so very much. They both left as preschoolers full of excitement and enthusiam for their next adventure at school. I was delighted to have the opportunity to keep providing such a welcoming and positive nursery experience to the children of Lewes when lovely Sara decided it was time to move on.


Manager & Proprietor

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