Policies and Procedures

Please ask if you would like to read any of our full policies and procedures.

  • Administering medication (including staff medication); Supporting children with medical conditions; Healthcare plan (for children with specific healthcare needs).
  • Food & drink; oral health.
  • No nuts or sesame seeds.
  • Healthy snacks & lunches; packed lunches; physical activity policy; healthy lunch advice & guidelines.
  • Managing illness – illness during a nursery session; anaphylaxis; shock; ambulance procedure; immunisations policy; asthma attack; notifiable diseases; periods of exclusion for infectious disease; HPA guidance on infection control; notifiable diseases; allergen information; what to do in an asthma attack; immunisations guide.
  • Child sleeping policy.
  • Infection control policy; covid-19 policy – protective measures, procedures & protocols; flu pandemic policy; coronavirus guidance (Public Health England)
  • No smoking, alcohol or drugs.
  • Toileting and nappy changing.
  • Staffing & employment – suitability & employment; qualifications; record of DBS checks & paediatric 1st aid training; new staff; induction policy; staff induction procedure; equal opportunities;
  • Extreme weather – snow, storms and sun safety; heatwave; nursery closure.
  • Fire safety and emergency evacuation; fire drill.
  • First aid.
  • Health and safety; risk assessment; daily health and safety check.
  • Food hygiene.
  • Induction policy; staff induction procedure; training checklist.
  • Security; arrival & departure of children; emergency contacts & password; visitor policy;
  • Outings
  • Recording and reporting (RIDDOR); OFSTED Early Years Compliance Handbook; HSE guidance for reporting incidents.
  • Missing child.
  • Uncollected child & late collection.
  • Student placement.
  • EYFS (revised 2024) overview; characteristics of effective teaching & learning; prime & specific areas; EYFS Development Matters (2020) statements; craft plan; planning (focus & weekly); continuous provision.
  • Cultural capital.
  • Observation, assessment, planning & teaching policy; transition policy; involvement & well-being; baseline assessment – prime areas of learning (revised EYFS); characteristics of effective learning; Integrated Progress Review; Transition reports
  • Outdoor play; selecting toys and equipment.
  • Achieving positive behaviour (includes bullying); behaviour management; staff behaviour.
  • Inclusion policy; equality & diversity policy; British Values – PREVENT (see safeguarding file); equal opportunities – valuing diversity promoting equality.
  • Settling in policy; key person policy.
  • Community links – linking & liaising with other settings (sharing children, passing on reports     etc); nursery visits to other settings; fundraising for charities; The Monday Club (a group for the over 70s);
  • Complaints.
  • Communication with parents, parental involvement & parental feedback.
  • Additional needs policy; procedure for additional needs; SEND & additional needs; setting based support plan and progess; record of meetings; healthcare plan to support children with medical conditions.
  • Small group & one-to-one support policy.
  • Local Offer – our SEN & Disability Offer.
  • Working in partnership with other professionals.
  • Admissions policy; contract of registration & fee payment policy (includes terms and conditions); fee structure for 2 & 3 year olds; debt recovery; guidance for deferring school entry (ESCC).
  • Confidentiality policy; consent to make and use children’s images and voice recordings.
  • Privacy notice & parental consent.
  • Data Protection; ICO registration & certificate; ESCC guidance on GDPR keeping personal data safe in transit.
  • Employers’ liability insurance certificate.
  • Staff – staff information & code of conduct; staff appraisals & supervision – supervision policy, agreement, record of meetings; supervision audit; staff appraisals; suitability & disqualification factsheet; staff suitability declaration form blanks; job application form;   staff emergency contact details; employee health declaration form;  disciplinary and      grievance procedure for employees.

The following safeguarding policies are in our separate safeguarding file –

  • Safeguarding
  • Whistleblowing
  • Safeguarding against false allegations
  • Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation, Prevent Guidance, British Values
  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Transfer of Child Protection Records
  • Mobile phones, digital cameras & recording equipment, tablet PCs, social networking & e-safety
  • Online safety & acceptable use agreement
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