Settling in

At Southover Nursery, we want children to feel safe and happy at nursery. We also want parents to feel welcome and involved from the beginning.

We believe that children cannot play or learn successfully if they are anxious, so we always do our best to ensure the settling in period goes smoothly. Our settling in procedures have been devised to help parents and children feel calm, comfortable and reassured.

We aim to work in partnership with parents to do whatever is best for their child. Children usually settle in very quickly here as there is so much to do! 

Flexible approach

If a child does have trouble settling, we always work with parents to find a solution. We may perhaps ask them to stay with their child if they feel it would help, encouraging them to separate for brief periods at first before gradually building up to longer absences. We recommend that parents stay no longer than half an hour as doing so could confuse and unsettle other children at nursery. Our aim is to make families feel welcomed and supported throughout the settling in period.

Taster Days

Before the start of each academic year, we organise a 'Taster Day' for our incoming parents and children, providing the invaluable opportunity to familiarise themselves with our nurturing environment, explore our facilities, interact with our staff, and establish connections with their peers, ensuring a smooth and confident transition into nursery life come September.

Key Person

As a small nursery, we are proud of the positive relationships that every teacher builds with each and every child.

Nevertheless, every child at Southover is allocated their own key person. This way, a relationship is quickly established and parents/carers have a point of contact with whom they can communicate daily on an informal and formal basis as and when required.

A child’s key person takes lead responsibility for settling them in and for ensuring that they are happy and confident. They are also responsible for compiling their children’s special books, recording their progress as they develop confidence, form friendships, play, create, explore, learn and experience new things.

The key person is also responsible for identifying their child’s next steps within the Early Years curriculum as they work towards their early learning goals.

Have a question?

At Southover Nursery, we understand the importance of helping children settle into nursery life smoothly. We will work with you individually to develop a settling in process that works for both you and your child. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to talk about, please feel free to contact us.

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